Corporate Information

1971 TK Supplies Company,Ltd. founded in Osaka to provide maintenance service for vending machines.

Self-developed/launched cold drink dispenser,Paddle Star.
1973 Distribution of imported commercial food preparation machines,French food processors,Robot Coupe and US blenders,Waring started.

Self-developed/launched professional coffee grinders,BONMAC.
Distribution of Italian cold drink dispensers,BRAS started.
1974 Opened Tokyo sales office(Current Tokyo Head office).
1978 Distribution of Italian espresso machines,BEZZELA and compact ice cream machines,ATER started.
1980 Self-developed/launched hot drink dispensers and pizza ovens.
1981 OEM production of FMI original cold drink dispensers started.

Renewed the company name to TK Food Machinery,Inc. with brand name of FMI.

Self-developed/launched pressurized fryers and oil filtering machine.
1982 Distribution of Dutch coffee brewer BONAMAT started.
1983Opened Sendai,Fukuoka,Sapporo and Nagoya sales offices.
1984 Self-developed/launched professional coffee brewer,CAFÉ-TRÔNE.

Opened Hiroshima sales office.

Distribution of Italian ice cream/gelato machines,FRIGOMAT started,and promoto Italian Gelato Concept throughout Japan.
Organized users’ club called Japan-Italy Gelato Association.
1986 Honored by the City of Milan and by Italian Gelato Association for the contribution to the popularization of gelato culture in Japan.
1988 Self-developed/launched iced coffee machines in CAFÉ-TRÔNE iced coffee series.

Distribution of German steam convection oven CONVOSTAR by Convotherm started.
1991 Renewed the company name to FMI Corporation (Food Machines International).
Established a new office building incorporating a headquarters and a factory.

Self-developed/launched nozzle-type cold drink dispenser Drink Star.
1992 Distribution of US stand mixer by Kitchen Aid started.
Distribution of Italian gelato machine,ELFRAMO started.
Self-developed/launched the automatic paper filter drip coffee machines in CAFÉ-TRÔNE Auto series.
1994Self-developed/launched table-top mid size ice cream freezers,
1995 Distribution of Italian espresso machines by La Cimbali started.
Launched “Italian Real Espresso Culture” educational program and training school for baristas.

Self-developed/launched compact steam convection ovens,CONVO-MINI.

Distribution of Italian blast chillers and shock-freezers by Irinox started.
Promotion of revolutionary catering system,Cook Chill started.
1997 Opened Morioka service station.
1998 Self-developed/launched original more compact ice cream freezers and heat-treatment type pasteurizers.
1999 Designed a special coffee machine version for installation on vehicles, and started production.
2000 Opened Kagoshima,Shikoku,and Kanazawa service stations.
2001 Distribution of Italian bakery ovens and steam convection ovens,Unox started.
2004 CAFÉ-TRÔNE CT-141 and CT-1103 won the Good Design Award 2004.
2005 Self-developed/launched CAFÉ-TRÔNE COMPACT CTC-210/220 and it won the Good Design Award 2005.
Introduced bar code system for more effective inventory management.
2007 Distribution of Swiss PACOJET machines restarted.
2008 Obtained ISO9001, quality management standard for Osaka headquarters and factory.
2009 Distribution of US coffee machine by Curtis started.

Distribution of US frozen dessert equipment by Taylor started.
2010 Distribution of Italian granita machine, Elmeco started.
2011 40th anniversary.

Distribution of new CAFÉ-TRÔNE model started.
2012 Opened Okinawa service station.
2012 Tokyo Headquarter Office relocated to current Kamiya-cho following business expansion.
2013 Distribution of British rapid cooking oven Merrychef started.
Distribution of Dutch single-cup serving freshground coffee machine FG series started.
2014 Distribution of Italian ice cream machine Carpigiani started.
2015 Started selling the new Convotherm “C4”.
2017 Import and sale of Italian espresso machine “FAEMA” started.
2019 Distribution of new CAFÉ-TRÔNE, CT-BR started.
Launched Smart Lifter, a labor-saving automatic lift fryer with fine-tuned automatic lifting function.
2021 50th anniversary.
2023 Distribution of Italian food processor for frozen Vitaeco started.