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Our Mission: To become a world class advanced commercial cooking solution provider.

FMI Corporation was founded in 1971 with the aim of contributing to the development of not only the restaurant industry, which is indispensable for a highly cultural society, but more widely of the daily essential food industry in general, by supplying commercial cooking and food processing machines to rapidly changing and evolving food industry in Japan.
Our company name, FMI, comes from the initial letters of FOOD MACHINES INTERNATIONAL.

For 50 years since then, we have played a role as a niche top player in the industry by importing and distributing highly reputed cooking and food processing equipment from around the world and by providing sincere after-sales service.
In recent years, in addition to import and sale, we have been developing our own product line, and our achievements are gradually gaining recognition.

Our corporate philosophy since our founding has been <Contribution toward the Development of Gastronomic Culture>.
Our corporate policy is to:
  (1) Pursue true user satisfaction
  (2) Cultivate sensitivity and act flexibly
  (3) Challenge to new technologies and systems, and
  (4) Deliver the highest quality and service

The food industry in Japan continues its endless evolution through daily reforms and innovations.
FMI, too, continues to collect information on every new technology and food trend in the world, and all the employees are daily working diligently with the hope to contribute to the prosperity of many customers in the industry.

Under the key concepts of “Customer First” and “Companywide unity,” over 10 corporate chefs, patissiers, baristas, gelatieres and a registered dietitian with extensive knowledge of logical, large volume cooking are available at FMI offices in 12 cities across Japan to continuously hold seminars and demonstrations using various new technology appliances.

In particular, at FMI Tokyo Test Kitchen in Kamiya-cho, Tokyo, we hold seminars for over 100 people. In recent years, we have been actively providing information by hybrid means combining easy-to-attend webinars with live demonstrations in the test kitchens.

Please feel free to contact us regarding new technologies for streamlining the new food industry.
With information from around the world, we are sure to respond to your needs.

Although we are still a modestly-sized company with 250 employees, we will continue to contribute to the development of the food industry not only in Japan but around the world by providing equipment and technology through speedy responses and sincere efforts.

Hiroshi Ukena
President & CEO

FMI Corporation
July 10, 1971
236 as of January 2024
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President & CEO
Hiroshi Ukena
Katsuhiro Koyama
Masaya Teramae