Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Corporate mission. Our mission is to offer Customer-driven solution machines, with an eye toward the development of human food culture.

FMI Corporation was founded in 1971, when major fast food chain restaurants, such as McDonald and Mister Donut opened their first shops in Japan. It was also the time when electro-mechanization made a leap forward to streamline and standardize operations at such new fast-food shops and QSR businesses here and there in this country. That trend spread widely to all over the food service industry in Japan. In the sense the year 1971 was considered as the first year starting an epoch of electro-mechanizing of cooking and servicing at hotels, restaurants, cafe and catering kitchens to solve their existing various problems. The mission of FMI, founded with the aim to contribute to this new era, was to assist rationalization of the Japanese food service industry with consultation by our corporate professional stuffs introducing innovative kitchen and service equipments. Our mission was also to introduce new food service trend information of the world to Japanese consumers and industry such as Italian artisan gelato, real espresso coffee and latte art, smoothy, TT control cooking by combi-oven, cook & chill system, sous-vide and so on. FMI has pursued this goal for 40 years since then, and our insistence on our mission during these years has led us also to evolve as a manufacturer of our own products as well as distributing top brand and high-technology imported machines. Our special designed coffee machines are installed on Shinkansen bullet trains, too. We owe this growth of ours to our dear customers’ precious advice and support, for which we would like to express our sincere appreciation.

We have now grown to offer a wide range of solution equipment to eat-out, eat-in, catering, and also confectionary, bakery sectors as well as food processing factories. With 15 plus overseas and domestic manufacturers and R&D laboratories collaborating with us and having daily communication with our engineers sometimes even over TV conference system, we keep developing and introducing various high-tech equipments to bring best solution to commercial kitchens, confectionery, coffee shops etc. Our consulting team consists of nearly a dozen in total of corporate chef, patissier, barista and dietitian. They are everyday going around the country to introduce our solution equipments and systems at the users sites and at our frequently held seminars and demonstrations in our eight test kitchens across the nation. Based on the philosophy of Zen “once-in-a-lifetime chance of meeting ”, which teaches we must cherish every encounter for it will not recur, we provide quickest and sincerest after-sales service and operation trainings for our users by way of our nationwide sales offices, service centers and call centers even on holiday and night-time. Always focusing on legal compliance, we also sponsor activities on global environment, ecology and recycling of resources. Although the world is likely to experience more chaotic and more borderless age, FMI are firmly committed to continuously supply valuables products, information and service to the Japanese food service and confectionery industry. Putting most importance on our “customer-first” policy, all of our staff will unite to strive for this goal.


FMI Corporation
President  Takeo Kimoto


FMI Corporation
July 10,1971
Takeo Kimoto
Nobuhiko Tomishima
Yasuyuki Shimotsuji

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